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I am a writer and a visual artist. I am also a qualitative researcher, and passionate storyteller. In my work, I unearth personal, social, philosophical, and universal meanings. 

I unlearn, learn, relearn, and unlearn all over again. My expressions of writings and arts are wonderers and wanderers. They contain no answers, but they hold spaces for inner voyages. They are prayers, philosophies, and epiphanies. They are evoked by deep personal hermetic meditations, reflections, and observations. 

My work revolves around the themes of self, identity, home, and belonging from psycho-philosophical and socio-cultural perspectives. I also like to explore society, culture, and immigration, and liberation. My work contains elements of memoirs and personal essays that encourage deep reflections, existential contemplations, and critical thinking. 

Feeling othered and foreign to the world gets me to contemplate what it means to be human. Travelling across the oceans connected me to my nomadic spirit, which taught me how to find a home within myself. 


What inspires me is my devotional, sensational, and intimate communication with formlessness. Name it, infinite, emptiness, space, silence, God; all are different expressions of the same metaphor. Dance and authentic bodily movements also take me on deep journeys of in-quiry, innerspace, and awareness

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