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“Cosmic Mecca”_._Perception of a directi
"Cosmic Mecca"

Perception of a direction on a visuospatial level isn’t fixed, as the rule of the right thumb creates an anticlockwise spin, whereas the rule of the left thumb creates a clockwise spin. Which direction is the direction? Which direction is the truth? 

Question raised in my consciousness, followed by lunar nights of reflections, studies, and this drawing. A visualisation of Ka'aba seems to be the perfect metaphor. Collective spinnings in united directions of seven circumambulations, prayers, and hopefully intentions. Collectively, in pilgrimage, and simultaneously in parallel to that collectiveness: blood circulations, Sufi whirlings, electric circuits, nucleus atoms, ouroboros motions, moon cycles, planets rotations. The spin creates an electromagnetic currents, that fabricate an aura around a point of reference. This point is space, and the spinning is what gives this space an infinite centre. Direction is only relative to the point of reference, and on a metaphysical level, there is no point of reference, all is infinite -God-. As we spin, the space holds us. And as we hold the space, the spin goes on.

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